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Bedside at The Hotel Britomart: New Zealand's First 5-star Green Hotel

An innovative boutique hotel that has shaped the neighbourhood; now that's a concept worth applauding.

Get ready to be a part of the inspiring fusion of Auckland's rich heritage and dynamic modernity during your next trip to Auckland.

Auckland's renowned Britomart precinct seamlessly merges cutting-edge architectural wonders with iconic historic buildings, showcasing New Zealand's mastery in community integration and curated offerings. From renowned culinary hotspots to laid-back entertainment options, the local confidence here is palpable as they breathe new life into the once-abandoned city streets resting on prime real estate.

Situated above the city's busiest train station (you just need to peer through the cobbled streets transparent art installations to witness this for yourself) and overlooking the flurry of activity in Britomart's Takutai Square, this formerly stagnant area has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 15 years, thanks to an innovative revitalisation project led by Cooper and Company (The Landing Residences, The Hotel Britomart). This urban city precinct has truly come into its own, hosting a unique blend of independent brands and businesses, trendy boutiques, and premium world-class restaurants.

Beyond the extraordinary daytime offerings that attract young creatives and professionals for lunch meetings, the neighbourhood truly comes alive in the evening, pulsating with a vibrant energy. Whether you're heading out for a special dinner, drinks, a casual catch-up, or simply to soak in the after-dark allure of Auckland, you'll find it all at your doorstep.

Immerse yourself in a neighbourhood that radiates sophistication and creativity at every corner with Locay as your guide to explore Britomart's crowning jewel - The Hotel Britomart.

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The Hotel Britomart has achieved a real milestone in sustainability and style. A concept that New Zealander's do extremely well.

With 99 wood-lined rooms that feel like cozy cocoons, guests can find a peaceful retreat in the heart of Auckland's best neighbourhood for food, drinks, shopping, and business. The Hotel Britomart's unique approach to design, build, and procurement decisions showcases a commitment to sustainability that earned the hotel New Zealand's first 5 Green Star rating. Every detail, from the bedding to the air conditioning system, is carefully considered to ensure the hotel remains environmentally friendly whilst at no detriment to their modern design, aesthetic and service ethos. This boutique hotel is not just a place to stay, but an artistic marvel that celebrates responsible travel.

“Sustainability has always been part of the Britomart ethos. Building sustainably has a much lower immediate and ongoing environmental impact, and Earth needs that from us." - Campbell Williamson, Development Director, Cooper and Company

Some key service details of The Hotel Britomart include 24 hour reception, concierge, valet guest and visitor parking, gym with technogym equipment; all adjacent to Auckland’s main train station and a short walk from Auckland's main ferry terminal.

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"The Hotel Britomart has a profound sense of place. The hotel is Britomart. Britomart is nine city blocks and this building is a beautiful welcome to that place.” - Nat Cheshire, Cheshire Architects

The Hotel Britomart is proud to have Clinton Farley as their General Manager, a well-seasoned professional who started his career as a porter at the Carlton Hotel in Auckland back in 1998. With an impressive journey through various quality hotels in both New Zealand and Australia, Clinton has become an icon in the hospitality industry. Not only is Clinton a thought leader within the hotel industry, but he is also an advocate for non-for-profit concepts and contributes significantly to national tourism boards. With Clinton at the helm, The Hotel Britomart is set to continue its success for years to come.

Straight from the source, Clinton shares his local insight into what guests can expect with their stay at The Hotel Britomart, as well, what sets this impressive establishment at the top of its game.

'They (guests) can expect to be located right in the centre of everything that’s happening in downtown waterfront Auckland. And if they want to explore a bit more, it’s so easy to get anywhere. We have buses and trains, ferries to Waiheke Island on our doorstep – you can base yourself in Britomart and easily experience the whole of Auckland. In the hotel itself, our aim to offer a personalised experience for everyone, because there’s such a variety of things for them to see and do.

Each of our five Landing Suites is absolutely one of a kind – people want to try each of them to enjoy the different perspectives they offer on the city. The suites are infused with the calm and strong sense of connection to place of The Landing, a Bay of Islands property that is also owned by Cooper and Company. Our guests feel like they’re floating above the city in luxurious cocoons.'

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Hotel Britomart has made every effort to create considered and innovative communal spaces for their guests.

One such space is The Lounge, an area adorned with stunning artworks by Ralph Hotere and Shane Cotton. With brick walls that reveal layers of history, guests can settle into cozy banquettes or gather around the bar for craft cocktails.

For those seeking an intimate dining experience, there's The Chef's Library, where guests can indulge in exquisite meals from executive chef Tom Hishon, paired perfectly with exceptional wines.

The Wine Library, on the other hand, offers bespoke wine tastings and private dinners, complete with a central kauri table and a hand-crafted glass chandelier.

The Papuke Room is another must-visit, beckoning with natural light and textures of ancient native.

Upon arrival, guests will have all the information they need to make the most of these remarkable spaces.

Located on the edge of Auckland’s Waitematā Harbour, The Hotel Britomart is a mature and considered establishment which we simply cannot get enough of. The ongoing commitment to sustainability whilst providing a 5-star guest experience is a bold move and one which to be executed well requires considerable experience.

Book and compare your next local vacation at The Hotel Britomart with Locay to witness some of New Zealand's warmest hospitality.

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