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Local by Name, Local by Nature: A Boutique Destination Where Small, is Also Beautiful

Discover the road less travelled in New Zealand and immerse yourself in this aesthetically blessed destination.

Our handpicked selection of boutique accommodations, ranging from chic hotels and renovated motels to luxurious lodges and urban hotspots, will have you in the heart of the countries most vibrant towns and neighbourhoods.

We invite you to set off on an extraordinary journey with Locay to uncover the awe-inspiring landscapes of this remarkable country and truly embrace the essence of authentic living in New Zealand.

Alps, Architecture and Accommodation: Explore Queenstown's Best Local Design Hotels

Experience the vibrant allure of Queenstown, where cool locals and captivating landscapes await.

This social hub is adored by luxury travelers, creatives, and adventure enthusiasts alike. Indulge in an award-winning culinary scene or take a scenic walk along the icy shores of Lake Wakatipu.

Finding the perfect boutique accommodation with Locay is effortless in Queenstown. With cozy lodges, design hotels, and a focus on personalised hotel services, every detail is carefully crafted for warmth and hospitality. Queenstown is known for its fresh, design centric concepts, that offer a hybrid lifestyle revelation like never before.

With renowned ski slopes and endless outdoor activities, this destination is a paradise for adventure-seekers. We explore Queenstown's best local hotels and the accommodation concepts that stand out amongst some of the world's most impressive landscapes.


Discover the Best Local Hotels in the Bubbling Hotspot of Rotorua

Surrounded by its namesake lake on New Zealand's North Island, Rotorua is a hotspot for both geothermal activity and Maori culture.

Despite its infamous aroma, Rotorua boasts being the spa capital of New Zealand. Go figure.
With natural mineral spa's and thermal mud treatments, visitors are in for one of the most unique settings to sit and soak away. However, Rotorua isn't just about relaxation - it's also surrounded by breathtaking lakes such as Tikitapu, Tarawera (or as locals refer to it as The Blue Lake), Rotomahana, and Okareka.

Visitors will undoubtedly be enchanted by the indigenous Maori culture, as well as the authentic Kiwi cuisine available at local events such as the Rotorua Night Market held on Amohau Street.

Locay explores the best boutique accommodation concepts of this small North Island town so that you are central to the most interesting cultural and natural phenomenons the country has on offer.


Auckland: A city on the rise. A perfect fusion of tradition, history, and modernity as vibrant city precincts lead the way in setting local trends, offering delectable gastronomic experiences, and showcasing chic hotels created by innovative independent brands.

Locay is the ultimate travel resource. We un-earth unique neighbourhoods and the best local accommodation concepts to amplify your travel and lifestyle experiences.

Discover Auckland's Top 8 Boutique Hotels

This city in the North Island exudes a strong local vibe and takes pride in its vibrant harbour district and ever-evolving neighbourhood precincts, which are gaining some exciting global attention.


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