Bungy Basics: Jump into Bed with New Zealand's Best Bungy Accommodation Close to the Action

The ultimate test.

Your entire life, you have been told to not stand too close to the edge, to not jump, and to not look down.

Well, team, that is all history. When we talk about bungy jumping, we are talking about the ultimate challenge of putting everything you have ever been told between your legs, wrapped around by a buoyant cord, and willingly flung off of a podium suspended some 50 metres, or more, towards earth.

Yes, this is an experience that isn't for everyone. But if you meet someone who has been caught in the act before, you will find it hard not to get a solid grin and ridiculous story about that one day they conquered all. A bungy jump, which is said to have originated in the extreme sport mecca that is New Zealand, is an experience you’ll never forget!

Three New Zealand locations specialise in extreme activity: Auckland, Lake Taupo, and Queenstown. All are very different offerings, scenically speaking: Auckland’s Sky Tower, located above the Star City casino, is very much an urban setting above Auckland central business district; the Lake Taupo Bungy Jump is over the crystal-clear waters of the Waikato River from a clifftop; and all three Queenstown locations are set in stunning natural environments featuring gorges and harbours.

Locay is here to help you take your pick, if you dare, and to ensure you are staying close to all the action for when it's time to do the deed!

QT Queenstown


QT Queenstown is a trendy and centrally located design hotel that offers modern amenities, including complimentary entertainment extras and indulgent guest bathrooms, with the option to upgrade to mountain views and lakeside rooms.

Known for their fearless style, we believe that QT's Queenstown boutique hotel exudes a touch of understated coolness. It's not as dark and moody as some of their other counterparts, but rather embodies a lighter, more minimalist approach that allows the surroundings to take centre stage.

The location, however, is unbeatable. Within easy reach of all the major town boulevards, trendy cobbled lanes, and hottest entertainment spots in town, this hotel not only conveniently puts you near the best local highlights but also in a prime position near Bungy HQ at the intersection of Shotover and Camp Street.

Even if you're not into jumping, the centre is definitely worth a visit. We haven't come across a more awesome crew of staff whose sole purpose is to make sure you have a blast. All of the bungy activities in Queenstown provide shuttle buses from HQ, so with a stay as close as the QT, you might find yourself dangerously close to signing up multiple times! Be warned—the staff are all too convincing!

Hilton Resort and Spa Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu

A little further afield, we love this hotel, as it feels like you are returning each day to your own private lakeside paradise.

While the buzz of central Queenstown is just 10km away (or an easy 15-minute taxi or uber ride), this boutique hotel claims its position proudly on the shores of the Frankton Arm of Lake Wakatipu.

Hilton Queenstown is conveniently close to Queenstown Airport, making it an easy check-in for those arriving early in the morning or later in the evening.

For those looking to jump on the infamous Nevis bungy (NZ's highest at 134m with a freefall of 8.4 seconds), AJ Hackett collects guests from in town and takes them on a scenic 4WD journey full of adrenalin to their final not-so-resting place of the infamous jump. Unfortunately, despite your closer proximity to this bungy site, you cannot self-drive to it, and you will soon enough find out why.

For those crazy kids more inclined to dive in (literally) to discover the roots and beginning of this mad adventure activity, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy (43m) is where it is. Just a 16-minute drive from your hotel, this is where it all started: the World Home of Bungy.
Try this famous jump for yourself, or one of the cool bonuses about this location is the ability to strap on to the one you hold dear and jump together in tandem!

When the adventures of the day are over, retreat back to The Hilton Resort and Spa Queenstown to enjoy the luxury of a heated indoor pool, a full-service spa, a fitness centre with Precor equipment, an outdoor terrace with lake views, and multiple dining options. The outdoor fire pit and local wine menu make for the perfect setting to relive the day's excitement.

The Dairy Private Hotel


The design of The Dairy Private Hotel is not for the stylistically timid, with abundant intricate wallpapers beautifying not only walls but ceilings in every room. Checkered carpets, contemporary Italian chandeliers, and framed vistas of the Alpine landscape provide this boutique hotel with a trendy Wes Anderson atmosphere.

Confidently embracing its retro origins, the hotel has restored and repurposed the original dairy from the 1920s. Today, it offers a punchy and bold fusion of textures and styles. Upgraded rooms offer awe-inspiring views of either the lake or mountains, and suites even come with a private balcony.
For those looking for more space to spread out, the hotel's 4-bedroom apartment includes a kitchen, making it a perfect arrangement for extended stays or families travelling to this adventure-filled destination.

The hotel provides complimentary parking, a cosy lounge with a fireplace, a communal library, a drying room, a courtyard, and a hot tub perfect for enjoying the mountain views. Wake up to a delicious hot breakfast before starting out on your big day and taking a 4-minute walk directly to AJ Hacketts Bungy HQ!

The Hotel Britomart


Looking for a design-led hotel stay central in Auckland's bustling CBD? Look no further than the Britomart precinct and our highly recommended boutique hotel, The Hotel Britomart.

This nine-block area has undergone a stunning transformation from a dilapidated and forgotten neighbourhood into one of the city's most trendy destinations. Local fashion icons like Karen Walker and Kate Sylvester have boutiques nestled alongside some of Auckland's best restaurants and underground bars.

The Hotel Britomart offers an immersive arts experience with stunning curation by some of New Zealand's finest artists. Despite smaller rooms, this architectural feat is a must-visit for its incredible introduction to Auckland's modern art scene and creative take on concept accommodation. For more insight into this seriously impressive design hotel with its claim to fame as New Zealand's first 5 Star Green hotel, check out our Locay article which takes you bedside within this signature local stay.

Sacred Waters Taupo

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo excels in luxury, making it a renowned destination for opulence. The world-famous golf resorts and high-end lodge accommodations here have hosted royalty and world leaders. Some of the country's most impressive luxury lodges offer a sensational setting to indulge in the wonders and adventures of Taupo.

However, their price range may not be the right fit for our bungy and bolt style of local experience.

Kinlock Manor and Villas provide a remarkably upscale private experience, a perfect match for affluent, avid golfers. Another lavish establishment is Huka Lodge, offering exquisite dining, attentive butler services, and sleek, classically styled suites featuring private soaking baths, infinity pools, and terraces with breathtaking river views.

Yet, for adventurous travellers desiring a more relaxed experience while visiting one of New Zealand's most scenic bungy sites, we highly recommend two popular local accommodations: Sacred Waters Taupo and Hilton Lake Taupo.

A Brief History of Bungy

Commercial bungee jumping took flight courtesy of the rad New Zealander, A. J. Hackett, who embarked on his maiden leap from an Auckland bridge in 1986.

In the subsequent years, Hackett pulled off a series of jumps from bridges and other structures (including a totally unauthorised and epic jump off the legendary Eiffel Tower), igniting public fascination with the sport. This led to the establishment of the world's very first permanent commercial bungee site, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy near Queenstown.

Today, AJ Hackett remains a major player in the global commercial bungee jumping scene, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of extreme adventures that continue to make New Zealand world-famous.

Queenstown - Kawarau Bridge (43m)

As you step out to the edge of the bridge, with your heart racing and your mind buzzing, remember this: you've arrived at the World Home of Bungy. This is where it all began—where people come to push their boundaries.

No trip to Queenstown would be complete without a visit to the Kawarau Bungy Centre, established in 1988. Perched on a rock face overlooking the magnificent Kawarau River, the breathtaking view alone will leave you captivated.

Being the birthplace of the world's first and most legendary jumps, the Kewarau Bridge 43-metre bungy jump remains the ultimate destination for countless adventure enthusiasts each year.

Queenstown – Nevis (134m)

We could argue that the trip to this bungy site situated on privately owned farming land is just as impressive as the view from the top of the suspended cable car from which you leap. Accessible only via transfers aboard AJ Hackett's 4WD Shuttle, the roads are narrow, the mountain slopes sheer, and the waters far, far below—a vibrant aqua blue. The entire journey and buildup resemble a Lord of the Rings set, as the area is synonymous with. We should perhaps caution you that it is the pumping beats and shrieks of excitement from your fellow Bungy enthusiasts that make this trip even more memorable.

The Nevis Bungy is an impressive 134 metres high and offers 8.5 seconds of pure fear and adrenaline to the expanse below. Jumping from a suspended cable car in the heart of a wide-open canyon, get ready to witness wildlife, rugged terrain, and a breathtaking birds-eye view of the stunning Otago landscape.

As an alternative or addition, the site also offers the world-famous Nevis Swing.

Prepare to be propelled 300 metres through the air at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour in just 1.5 seconds!

Don't say we didn't warn you, because this will definitely leave a lasting impression on you and all those you meet back in town later that evening.

Auckland - Bridge Bungy (40m)

Smaller, but oh so mighty! This urban-style jump is where two iconic landmarks of New Zealand intersect—the timeless silhouette that defines the Auckland skyline is also the base for an adrenaline-charged Bungy experience. Auckland's Bridge Bungy is our pick for those who are possibly 'strapped' for time and haven't had the chance to make it down south to the more natural surrounds of jumps in Queenstown or Lake Taupo.

The AJ Hackett Bungy Pod is securely fastened beneath the bridge, poised to thrill adventurers seeking an unforgettable rush in New Zealand's bustling metropolis. For an added dose of exhilaration, dare to immerse your head into the ocean below!

Taupo - Bungy Jump (47m)

The Taupō region is graced with awe-inspiring natural beauty and serves as a hub for exhilarating activities that cater to thrill-seekers. Prepare for an amazing adventure as you prepare to take the plunge from New Zealand's exclusive 47-metre-high clifftop bungy at Taupo Bungy.

The cantilever platform places you high above the pristine waters of the Waikato River, providing the option to dive individually or in tandem with a buddy.

Regardless of your choice, prepare for an exhilarating rush that will stay etched in your memory forever and bring a certain buzz about town on your return!

Maree Sheehan
Potts Point, Sydney

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