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Do You Identify as a Modern Traveller?

Locay delves into the contemporary globetrotter and the principles that enable us to maximise our experiences through local escapades.

When a friend or family member shares news about their upcoming overseas adventure, it's hard not to feel a sense of excitement.

As we eagerly ask questions about where they're going, who they're going with, and how long they'll be there, we're not just trying to satisfy our own curiosity. We're also looking for ways to contribute to their trip, whether by sharing our own travel experiences, connecting them with locals, or simply gaining a better understanding of what "vacation" means to them.

With so many amazing destinations and experiences around the world, it's no wonder that we can't help but want to be a part of the adventure.

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While any vacation is awesome, it's the method of travel that sparks quite the discussion.

Just like clothing reflects a person's character and music taste mirrors someone's rhythm, the way we journey showcases our willingness to venture beyond convention.

Among all the incredible spots around the globe, there's no doubt that some cities and experiences stand out more than others. Savouring an authentic ramen in Japan, relishing a fresh baguette on the steps of Sacré-Cœur in Paris, taking a dip off Italy's captivating isle of Capri, or having a blast exploring Ibiza; these destinations are highly revered and for excellent motives.

However, the extent to which we immerse ourselves in each one has a significant impact on what we gain from these remarkable places.

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The 80’s and 90’s saw significant growth of the mega hotel. All-inclusive resorts, cruise ships and multi-level hotel chains began taking over the cities and ports with hospitality groups rapidly expanding through city centres. The sell was for a holiday where little effort was required to gain access to food, drink, entertainment, and accommodation abroad. A one stop shop if you like.

Nevertheless, leveraging the internet as our invaluable tool, imaginative concentration on re-envisioning and minimising as opposed to redevelopment, along with improved connectivity to destinations via contemporary transportation and reservation platforms, we are now empowered and eager to venture beyond conventional routes.

With digital maps and extensive wifi networks, we can discover ourselves rejuvenating at charming family-owned vineyards in Tuscany, embracing tranquil evenings on unpaved paths in Crete, and savouring traditional brunches among the locals at the town's most ancient trattoria - effortlessly.

Locay has created a global portfolio of like-minded accommodation concepts.
Boutique hotels, villas, motels, warehouse conversions, guest houses and estates – each push us that little further towards identifying as a Locay traveller.

There is no age, sex or marital status discrimination, and these experiences importantly match with a style of travel experience that can see anyone enriched, informed, and satisfied.

Visit our various country editorials to find the best local accommodation for your next holiday, alternatively search the Locay Hotel Collection to see if your chosen hotel made the cut. We not only have brought these all into one place, but you can also compare and book live deals across the largest global booking agencies.

Never has it been easier to book and stay with Locay.

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So, with this in mind, we let you decide.

The Locay traveller is a curious one.

We avoid fads, trends, crowds, and queues.
We value recognition, connection, and firsthand engagement.
We appreciate strangers. We ask questions and we listen.
We want to learn someone else’s way.
Buzz is in our blood, and energy comes with vibrant patronage. However, small can be beautiful too.
We work hard, we value our time and money spent.
We support small business, and we appreciate the smaller details.  
We are guests.
We appreciate. We contribute.
We dare to be different.  
We are culture enthusiasts, with principles.
We are, the modern day traveller.

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