Tips to Living Local Whilst Travelling Australia

Keeping it small, sustainable and swapping out size for down-under soul.

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Larissa Fuller
Sydney, Australia

Tips to Living Local Whilst Travelling Australia

Keeping it small, sustainable and swapping out size for down-under soul.

Travelling to new destinations can be an exciting and an enriching experience, but it's not always easy to maintain that sense of connection and authenticity we crave.

We may find ourselves lured into tourist traps and regretting our choice of meals, or struggling to get a good night's sleep next to noisy neighbours.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay small, local, and connected even as we venture into uncharted territory. This is even easier within a country like Australia where so so many neighbourhood bubbles are based around the community and their people.

By seeking out these community-based experiences, exploring off-the-beaten-path neighbourhoods, and engaging with locals on a more personal level, we can make our travels feel less like surface-level consumption and more like genuine cultural exchange.

From a lifetime of tourism experience and motivation to see you on your best adventure yet, here are our best Locay tips to see your travel kept honest through a land we hold dear to our hearts, Australia.

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When it comes to finding a trusted resource for travel experiences, the last thing you want is a wild card.

Sure, taking a risk can be exciting, but why not err on the side of caution when your time outside of your daily routine is precious?

At Locay, we understand the importance of quality and confidence in choosing the right adventure. That's why we've done the research for you, compiling recommendations from travel legends in the know and sourcing experiences that authentically reflect the local culture and community of this friendly nation.

What sets Locay apart is our dedication to providing contributors with first-hand Australian knowledge of the local area, making it the coolest and most informative resource for anyone looking to make the most of their travels.

Trust us, and take the safe bet with Locay.

Escape the crowds

Find a new style of local escapism.

Lining up for the latest trend or release may seem tempting, but it's important to be careful that you don't end up in something fleeting.

Instead, consider exploring at a neighbourhood level, and trying something outside your comfort zone. Whilst it may be a little off the tourist trail, this doesn't mean it is any less of a worthy experience.

Whether it's a new precinct, un-tapped restaurant or small boutique hotel, taking a chance can lead to an experience you never knew existed.

Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back from finding your new favourite spot. Who knows, it may just become your go-to institution on your return trip back!

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"Share travel plans with friends, ask for opinions and reach out to those in the know. There is power in numbers but maybe most importantly, that you trust them!"

Try small on for size

Sometimes, bigger isn't always better.

That's why we think smaller can be the way to go.

Picture neighbourhoods where everyone knows each other, the local grocer in Melbourne's Carlton giving you a bonus biscotti with your coffee, and small boutique hotels oozing with character where you're a valued guest - not just a room number. Imagine discovering hidden nooks home to tiny restaurants and wine bars where the owners know all about the seasons and flavours that turn every dish into their own local signature. The very fact you get to eat and speak with these people is where the understanding comes of the Australian way of life.

Smaller itineraries open up a new world of adventure where you can truly explore and discover the beauty of Australia on a more personal level. That's the feeling that Locay wants to create in your travel experiences.

With Locay's direction, you'll develop a sense of curiosity for a whole new world of adventures, and insider tips - all while getting to live like a local.

It's time to swap the hustle and bustle for a more relaxed approach to travel with all the attention to detail, inclusion, and value that comes with it.

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Let your hustle guide you

Life is too short for boring travel. Traveling is no longer just about visiting popular Australian tourist attractions and ticking off items from your bucket list.

It's about finding a hub or interest that ignites your passion and exploring the local culture in a new light. One that is personal and meaningful to you. So many of us have side hustles, hobbies, or simply a developing interest into something we cannot help but obsess over on our Instagram feeds.

Well, here is your ticket to go and explore it!

Whether you're an art enthusiast, design fanatic, vintage fashionista, or foodie, there's an Australian neighbourhood out there waiting to be discovered - one that offers the best engagement with your style of travel.

Locay sources a hand selection of hotels and accommodations that will see you immersed in the local arts scene, visit local boutiques and galleries, or indulge in the finest culinary experiences. This doesn't mean they may be the most obvious choice, but that is exactly why we love them.

Don't be afraid to break away from the usual tourist hotspots in Australia. In fact, we think you will get a lot more out of your stay if you avoid them.

Perfect the art of comparison

Not of yourself, but of the prices and options you have found.

Before you book anything in Australia it is important to know there is a few major players in the travel game. These are online travel agencies that acquire live inventory from some of Australia's leading airlines, car rental agencies and boutique accommodations. Whilst the availability remains the same, the prices most certainly do not.

Booking on various days of the week (like Tuesdays and Wednesdays) can see you get a cheaper price on both hotels, flights and car hire through Locay in Australia. You will also find useful our clever price comparison tool. This brings all the largest brands and their fares into one easy place so you can decide who is delivering the best deal, at the best time.

Locay helps you find the best travel solutions at the best prices on the market, without comparing yourself to others.

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