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What Makes a Locay Hotel?

Locay has a core focus on guiding people into a more local setting and scene when away from home, because we believe that’s where the good stuff happens.

One of our most frequently asked questions is how an accommodation finds itself as a top recommendation within Locay's Hotel Collection.

Well, that one is relatively easy; it starts with locality.

A physical presence that represents a local neighbourhood, thoroughfare, precinct, or town is where what is often seen's properties stand out. A concept that is achieving its purpose by offering a service and experience that is unique to its location and something that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the same capacity.

Uniqueness is key.

However, besides tactically placing a local pin on the map, we also assess the significance of each hotel by leveraging core principles unique to our brand, which enhance Locay's distinct position in the market.

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Locay's Hotel Collection embodies the essence of each destination—locality isn’t just a detail; it’s the cornerstone of their philosophy. Our carefully selected local accommodation collection celebrates the local vacation, designed for guests to experience the genuine pulse of a place.

Unique Hotels, Unforgettable Experiences

At Locay, we select hotels that anchor you right in the heart of local life. Unlike larger chains marked by their uniformity, our hotels are about immersion—taking you away from the cookie-cutter and into the authentic nooks and crannies of the locality's true charm. It’s in neighbourhood corners, vibrant smaller city hubs, and places that resonate with subcultural energy that our hotels are located.

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Larger chains that focus on replication of hotel concepts could feel like you are anywhere in the world and we are all about showcasing destinations authentically.

More Than a Stay – A Story

Every aspect of Locay is shaped by a commitment to local flair, from distinctive branding of each property to the thoughtful design, facilities, innovative concepts, and level of service that makes every stay worth the journey.

When you step into any of Locay’s Top Recommendations, ease of access meets insider knowledge, ensuring you connect with the locality not just as a visitor but as an informed enthusiast.

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It's Personal and Boutique

Gravitating towards boutique hotels allows our brand to act as a resource that provides something more personal—a place where size is overshadowed by character and personality wins every time.

Locay encourages the modern traveller to stray from the crowd and indulge in discovery with our exclusive Boutique Hotel Collection, where every next stay is a story waiting to be told. We take pride in our expansive collection of unique boutique lodging options, and our dedication to discovering new and exceptional places to stay is forever strong.

Whether it's boutique accommodation, hotels, villas, or fresh additions to local areas, we invite local interest to collaborate and contact Locay.

Join our assortment of distinguished establishments that are redefining the excitement of local travel. If you're offering a stay experience that stands out, we would certainly love to hear from you!

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