Discover Rejuvenation at its Finest With an Escape to Elysia Wellness Retreat

Elegance intertwines with holistic wellness against the breathtaking backdrop of Hunter Valley at this magical retreat for senses.

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Sydney, Australia

Discover Rejuvenation at its Finest With an Escape to Elysia Wellness Retreat

Elegance intertwines with holistic wellness against the breathtaking backdrop of Hunter Valley at this magical retreat for senses.

Arriving at this serene sanctuary, the embrace of stunning Hunter Valley scenery envelops you, with breathtaking views of the surrounding rolling vineyards and lush greenery, Broken Back, and Barrington Tops Mountain ranges marking the start of a transformative sojourn. 

Just two hours north of Sydney, Elysia Wellness Retreat stands out as a beacon of holistic health in the heart of Pokolbin - a rural locality hailed as the undoubted hub of Wine Country, and home to many of Australia’s award-winning wineries. 

This is an extraordinary place where classy comfort meets authenticity and pristine nature melds seamlessly with thoughtful design. 

Each inch of this idyllic haven has been created with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind, with its architecture aligned with the ancient principles of Feng Shui to allow for transformative, positive energy to flow into the property. 

Surrounded by well-manicured gardens and exquisite natural settings, providing a peaceful atmosphere overall, the landscape of the retreat extends to a flowing metaphorical river, which begins in a small, bubbling spring at the top of Meditation Hill – a central feature of the resort. The calming stream then runs through the extensive grounds, underneath the floating platform of the day spa, before trickling down into a cascading waterfall in the main building, adding a melodic aspect to the experience upon check-in, and throughout. 

This attention to detail extends to the two paths on either side of Meditation Hill that wind their way through fragrant lavender gardens and out to a peaceful point of contemplation – and from above, these lines resemble the symbol of Ying Yang, representing a balance of masculine and feminine energy. It’s these intricate and delicate nuances which add to making Elysia Wellness Retreat an art form in its own right. 

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Exploring further, guests will find that Elysia is complete with 74 large and spacious private villas, featuring balconies with uninterrupted vistas; and configured as one, two, and three-bedroom options, ensuring that each abode has both a sense of intimacy and exclusivity, and making accommodation here something truly special.

Thoughtfully created to house a quaint 148 guests at a time, this small scale creates a close-knit community atmosphere where guests can feel at home, while still enjoying the privacy of their stylish accommodations.

Inside, each room at Elysia Wellness Retreat has been designed to offer a serene and elegant refuge amidst nature, and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Exuding a tranquil ambiance with a focus on comfort and relaxation, guests can expect airy yet cosy spaces featuring elegant, modern decor that harmonises with the surrounding landscape.

The interiors are carefully crafted with natural materials and soothing colour palettes to create a calming environment, with plush bedding provided, complemented by well-appointed furnishings, and large windows that look out to the inspiring scenery outside, surrounding the retreat.

Amenities include private terraces or patios for enjoying the outdoors, state-of-the-art facilities, and grand en-suite bathrooms, with some suites also featuring additional touches such as indulgent soaking tubs, snug and inviting sitting areas, and direct paths to the vast beautiful grounds.

Striving to offer guests a myriad ways to stay active, refreshed and engaged, this incredible venue also features a 25-meter heated indoor lap pool to enjoy, plus an outdoor resort-style pool, steam room, a tennis court, fully equipped gym and indoor cycle room – plus access to personal training sessions. 

Three yoga and Pilates studios, a lounge, day spa lounge, library, theatrette, wellness centre, walking tracks and a well-stocked boutique add to its extensive offering and make the resort not just a divine escape, but a fully-equipped oasis. 

It doesn’t stop there though – in fact, those premier perks are just the beginning. This is a distinguished estate which has also claimed an enviable title for those seeking revitalisation and rest. At the heart of Elysia Wellness Retreat lies Australia’s largest day spa.

This impressive facility features over 20 treatment rooms, offering a menu of more than 70 different spa treatments, specifically conceived to cater to diverse wellness needs. 

In addition to its lavish accommodations, and spanning a vast area, the retreat boasts numerous treatment rooms, extensive spa amenities, and a variety of additional relaxation spaces. Guests can enjoy an impressive array of pampering services, including Swedish massages, facials, and body therapies, all designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, and its tailored wellness programs are complemented by an array of carefully curated and nutritious gourmet dining options, and educational workshops.

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A stay at Elysia is unlike any other in the Hunter Valley. As leaders in the health and wellness industry, the team at Elysia Wellness Retreat help guests discover a new and transformative way to see life.

The day for guests at this this wellness paradise often begins with the gentle waking of mind and body with Tai Chi or yoga atop Mediation Hill – a unique feature of Elysia, located at the heart of the property and offering sweeping views of the sun-drenched, expansive valleys below. 

In addition to the breathtaking 360-degree panorama which offers an undisturbed scene of the sprawling wine country, this is the perfect way to welcome the day and build your chi (energy) as you clear your mind each morning. 

Each sunrise session here provides a moment of calm reflection and a healthy start to the day, setting the tone for the holistic journey ahead.

Joined by the exquisite sight of rippling hills and verdant glens, dotted with rows of grapevines which create a picturesque tapestry of agricultural beauty, guests unwind and lightly awaken to start their day at dawn – if they so choose.

One of the key features of Elysia Wellness Retreat is the ability for guests to pick and select which kind of relaxation package suits them best. 

Choice is an essential aspect of the freedom one can explore here, adding to the experience, and the range of treatments and packages available address all preferences and needs. 

Guests are encouraged to partake in private wellness sessions with skilled practitioners in fields such as naturopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and Feldenkrais, further personalising their wellness journey – and the packages on offer are extensive and allow for each person to craft and create their own transformative holiday. 

This allows guests looking for a fully immersive experience to initially book Elysia’s all-inclusive base program which consists of nightly accommodation, regular nutritional meals, daily program activities, and the use of all onsite facilities. They can then choose to add spa or wellness credits on to their booking (at an additional cost) to provide them with the flexibility to do as much or little as they wish. From life-giving nutritional advice, energising activities and fitness, weight management or relaxing meditation, Elysia invites guests to select a custom range of programs.

For those who dare, one of the more recent and popular additions to Elysia’s offerings is an ice bath immersion group class, and this invigorating activity draws on the benefits of cold water immersion to enhance the immune system and mental health. 

However, there is also the option to choose a ‘room only’ Elysia Escape Suite (*which excludes meals, group classes) with the flexibility to also pick whichever spa and wellness treatments suit best, and still dine at the restaurant throughout the day, as desired. 

The restaurant in itself is another experience altogether – and historically being available to wellness guests only, this culinary jewel will open its doors to external guests on Friday and Saturday nights from August this year, so it will soon be able to be discovered by everyone as the Hunter Valley’s only wellness-focused restaurant.

Offering guests a balanced and nutrient-rich menu that looks good, does good and helps diners to feel good, Elysia Restaurant invites you to indulge in gourmet delights crafted by Executive Chef Jamie Hartcher.

Having previously worked at roles including The Regent of Sydney, The Alpine Hotel Thredbo, The Caves Beach Hotel, and the Peppers Hotel Group – Hartcher brings over 17 years of extensive knowledge and expertise to the table, and champions organic, locally sourced ingredients via his delectable menus.

The thoughtful dishes, allowing guests to indulge in specialties rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients, are skillfully prepared without red meat, caffeine, sugar, or saturated fat. They also encompass produce from the retreat’s own vegetable garden, ensuring meals that are not just delicious, but also nourishing in every way.

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A sample winter menu on offer currently, for example, showcases the attention to detail and the fusion of flavours that define healthy eating and the ethos of wellness that rules here at Elysia. Meals may begin with starters including rosemary focaccia paired with hummus and crisp chickpeas, followed by entrees like winter vegetable and split pea soup, or a sweetcorn tartlet with prawn, spinach, and parsley.

Moving onto the mains, selections such as pan-fried reef fish with saffron potatoes, peas, and pinenuts; or a succulent duck confit with Dutch carrots, sweet and sour pickled fennel, and dukkah are available, and further serve to illustrate the retreat’s culinary expertise.

Complementing these are sides like local leaf salad with hazelnut dressing and a panache of steamed vegetables with toasted seeds; and to conclude the meal on a sweet note, desserts such as cassava cake with coconut and yogurt, or burnt honey panna cotta with banana bread crumb and warm berries provide a delightful end to each gastronomic affair.

Beyond the dining table, Elysia’s offerings extend into a realm of unique and transformative experiences. An example – upon sundown each Saturday evening, the retreat hosts talks from a changing roster of renowned wellness experts and specialists from Australia and abroad, ranging from leading authors and health experts to sporting greats, with discussions providing inspiration and insights that align with the retreat’s wellness philosophy.

These seminars not only focus on personal growth – with topics spanning from building resilience and personal action plans to nutrition and restorative sleep – but they allude to the beauty that each program provided here aims to holistically engage the guest, offering valuable takeaways that extend well beyond their stay.

Of course, for those guests who prefer a quieter end to the day following a flavourful meal, they can opt for a spellbinding stroll at sunset through the fragrant paths lined with lavender to the comfortable, secure surrounds of their private villa. Here, they can peacefully disconnect from the world, reading a book, soaking in the tub or simply relaxing before dozing off softly into a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Beyond its enchanting surroundings, high-end accommodations, lavish restaurant and indulgent spa facilities, however, Elysia Wellness Retreat is also a gateway to the heart and soul of the Hunter Valley's vibrant culture.

Famous for its acclaimed restaurants, charming towns, world-famous wineries, lavender fields, and local markets, the region has plenty to offer. So for those seeking to explore, the retreat provides options for organising private shuttles or renting a car, with plenty of on-site undercover parking available for guests. Hailed as Australia's oldest wine region, local wineries (of which there are many) also offer organised tours which introduce visitors to the best of the best.

An extra tip for gaining a unique perspective of this charming area with its broad selection of vibrant vineyards weaved through fertile farmland against the magnificent backdrop of distant mountain ranges? Take a hot air ballooning tour via Balloon Aloft, and take in the captivating canvas in style, from above.

Whatever you select, however, and whenever you choose to embark your life-changing staycation though, be sure that this serene environment, coupled with the extensive range of activities, will leave you feeling rejuvenated, reborn, and inspired.

It’s truly worth it to take the time to reset here, gain a wealth of health knowledge, and discover a fresh lease on life - and a true balance of mind, body and spirit.

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